MFD - Assistive technology

Brief description of objective:
Improve, digitalise, disrupt, and mainstream the provision of assistive devices in order to support people in everyday life activities.

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Arbetsförmedlingen - CV as Life Story!

Brief description of objective: 
The objective is to present your CV as a living rather than as a static document by incorporating animation, video and other tools for increased engagement with potential employers. CV is an abbreviation for Curriculum Vitae which is Latin for approx. “Course of one's life” and it is my opinion that this phrase should incorporate more than educational and occupational posts.

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IM - Individuell Människohjälp

Brief description of objective: 
The objective is to facilitate the process of what apps and websites that are crucial for a life in Sweden, and how to use these. In Sweden IM focuses on integration and engagement, we want to improve people’s possibilities to become included in the society, independent and at the same time fight excluding structures.

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Brief description of objective
Personal information being sent via email as unstructured data, this is not in our favour when the new data regulation, GDPR, come into effect. Can we facilitate the communication process and at the same time comply with the new regulation, e.g. integrate a signup page on our website and a digital communication channel?

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Water Crisis

The city of Cape Town is confronting an unprecedented water crisis. Because of a complex number of factors, including a prolonged drought, the city is facing a complete shutdown of its municipal water distribution. The city has already established a “Day Zero”, the day when all taps will cease to flow, and its inhabitants will have to walk, drive, taxi or take the train each day to one of 200 water distribution points set up around the city to pick up 25L emergency rations of water.

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